About Excellent Way Ministries

The burden for this organization was born out of the experience as a church planter in New England, which is one of the least evangelized regions of the country. It would not be an understatement to say most churches, missionaries and Bible colleges could use more money, but by in large ministries fail or cannot expand because of lack of financial means. What one sees that ministries finance themselves very shortsightedly. The heartbeat of the foundation is to be able to endow world missions in such a way that the whole process would be much more efficient, and in doing make the missionary enterprise more impactful for our ever increasing world population.

EXCELLENT WAY MINISTRY will be raising both its visibility though conferences, church meetings, forums, and radio and TV broadcasts. We will be educating people on a variety of ways and efficient methods in which people can give to EXCELLENT WAY MINISTRIES. An emphasis will be on encouraging people to give of their hard assets, as opposed to strictly liquid assets (cash). The broadcasts and forums are opportunities to cast a vision and explain the mission of the EXCELLENT WAY MINISTRIES.

About Andrew Knight

Dr. Andrew Knight grew up in New England in the home of an Episcopal Priest. His conversion, however, came through the witness of friends in a youth group. While in the Air Force, Knight felt the call to the ministry and later enrolled in Bible College. Dr. Knight received a Bachelors of Bible from Pensacola Christian College. He then earned a Master of Biblical Studies from Emmanuel Baptist Theological Seminary in Newington, CT. He also received a Master of Religious Education from West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, CA., and received a Master of Biblical Apologetics from Baptist Bible Seminary in South Abington, PA.  He also earned a Doctor of Ministry from Luther Rice Seminary in Lithonia, GA.  Dr. Knight continues to write and publish, and resides in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

Statement of Faith